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How is Cloud hosting different from traditional hosting?

I’m sure most people are familiar with regular hosting where you upload your website to a hosting company and they host that website for you so it’s available online to your customers. With traditional hosting your website is hosted on a single server, that means your website and lots of other peoples websites are all sitting on one physical computer and the resources available are limited to the one physical machine. With cloud hosting the resources that are available are spread over multiple servers, so CPU, Memory, and drive space are not dependent on what a normal physical server can provide, and by the resources being spread over multiple servers, there is no single point of failure. That means you can expect a greater degree of scalability, robustness, and reliability for your website when its hosted in a cloud infrastructure as opposed to a traditional infrastructure.

What is included in my cloud hosting plan?

* Selectable versions of PHP (5.5, 5.6, 7.x) * Unmetered Bandwidth * Unlimited Email Accounts * Easily choose from 125+ scripts and install with just a few clicks! * 99.9% Uptime Guarantee * 24/7/365 Premium Support & server monitoring * Latest cPanel Control Panel * Spam Protected Mailboxes * Unlimited Autoresponders * Unlimited Email Forwarding and Aliases

What Equipment Do I Require To Stream With Shoutcast And Icecast?

All you need is a computer runing Windows, Mac OSX or Linux and a broadband connection.

How Internet Radio Works?

You can quite easily broadcast live audio on the internet and it can consist of recorded items (Eg. Your MP3/CD collection) plus live content (Eg. Your voice via a microphone). There are 3 basic stages of internet broadcasting, as follows: I: The Source (You) Your computer mixes together the audio sources coming from your soundcard (which can be Mp3?s being played, live voice or other inputs from CD players etc). It then makes them into a ‘stream’ of data which is sent ‘on the fly’ to… II: The Server (Us) Your Shoutcast server with will receive the audio stream coming from your PC and then redistribute it to … III: The Listener (Everyone Else) Anyone in the world with an internet connection can then connect to your server. They will be able to hear everything which is going on at your end – so anything you output to the stream server, they can hear!

Is your network fast and reliable?

Yes, and we plan on keeping it that way. SuriCloud's servers are connected to an extremely powerful and fully redundant network (no single point of failure).

Do you offer data backups?

Our servers are backed up off-site on a regular basis. While they boast RAID to reduce the risk of data loss, backups still play a vital role.